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    Prof.Weizenegger + Prof.Dr. Funke + Philipp Bree
    University of Applied Science Potsdam

    Durable nylon fabric, consistent cut and subtle leather details create a flexible transparent bag. Contents are immediately recognizable visually and formally formative and therefore sociological conclusions on the support possible. The transparency dictates of the present topic is criticism and at the same time. A bag for the current image of youth?

    Youth is not – youth becomes. Their immaturity, their incompleteness, their views and hopes of what is to come, is their evolutionary stimulus promise. It knows no eternity, looking cocky and finds life but only death.

    With the loss of young man first experienced its finitude. With this realization, he focuses on the short living presence. To one’s own body and thus the ability to move themselves to feel the change and also, this is essential.
    The fear of the disappearance of the body through the Internet is completely over the top. In this world would be no room for the imagination and the idea of the unseen. Retreats for I would not, and the eyes of others no more acknowledgment, but exploitation.
    Life is and remains opaque; “Transparent is only the dead”
    (Han, 2012).


    FOTOS(3,4,5): NOSHE